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Our Work

These are several projects that might represent our works


Video & Photography

Creating a visual-motion storytelling through video and photo production. 

With LP3I, Rashif Indonesia create the storyboard, and collaborate motion graphic to communicate their tribe (products)

in other projects, we provide drone video making too!

Social Media Management

New communication media to distribute your stories to your target market. 

We provide you campaign plan, content and copy writing, creative visual, admin and performance marketing.



Marketing and Branding Strategy to define the best way to communicate with your target audience.

Brand Guideline, Brand Pipeline Strategy, and Visual Communication 


Influencer Marketing

Connecting you and your business to the storyteller in your choice.

Amplifying your stories with Macro, Micro and Nano influencers throughout Indonesia

On the Phone

Event Orchestration

Activate your ideas to interact closer with your targeted consumers

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