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5 Star Restaurant - by Sajakinaja

When we were together, you asked me on what can you do with your passion. You love to cook, but you wanted to express your talent and passion in unique and different ways.

Maybe you should consider opening a five star restaurant. You had a good, even great experience in serving a good dish full of different atmospheres and ambience.

As appetizer, with the characteristics of piquant flavors and distinct qualities, you chose to bring me his name for the first time. Bringing success to yourself, you made me feel weak while trying to pick up my scattered self. Without further introduction, you took the plate without me having the chance to finish it.

It didn’t matter though, even a plate full of his name and his brief introduction made me lose my gut to even take a scoop.

Followed by a bowl of soup – full of memories, you added drops of tears of mine that you collected back then in a flask and dices of your kissing memories with him. You offered me a chili sauce and black pepper to add some spicy taste into the soup. But I guess,

Picturing the combination of your intimacy and my tears were enough.

I gave up, I asked you to take the bowl and serve me with other foods.

Then you came again serving me the main dishes. The first one was a plate with a wedding invitation as the dressing of our favorite food back then, grilled salmon. When I asked for the carbohydrate, you said the glucose in the wedding invitation was enough. Suddenly you brought small cake and served it beside the salmon. You asked me to cut the cake, and sought for happiness inside theirs. It turned out; the cake symbolized their happiness.

I asked you to stop. The cake was my dessert right?

She replied with a smile, and said no.

I bled without touching anything, with magic, you grew all the withered roses that we gave each other when we were together. I had no idea on how you collected those roses that I had thrown away. Those thorns helped your meals sliced my soul into pieces.

Lastly, you only served me with a glass of champagne, the cheapest champagne in the world, with both of your rings at the bottom of the glass. Without many hesitations, my throat was drowned in that cheap champagne, hoping that I wouldn’t swallow the rings. Then I took out those rings and gave it to you.

A moment after giving you those rings, he came bringing me the bill. The bill was not filled with prices; it’s a contract instead. I had to sign the contract that she will be happy with her new guy, and I should be happy for them.

After signing it, both of them asked me to be his best man, which I definitely rejected.

I am not as strong as the salmon who can swim against the water flows.

As I rejected the generous offer, both of you left me alone in the ballroom, without turning the light off, the ballroom went dark by itself.

Now I realised that life goes on, you were my past, and he is your future.

It turned out, love is the art of letting go.

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